The Association was established on December 18, 1996. The highest body of the Association is the General Meeting. The Association is managed by the Board of 9 elected members and the appointed Managing Director.

The Estonian Business Association is a non-profit organisation operating as a private legal entity, the purpose of which is to develop a favourable entrepreneurial and foreign economic environment in the Republic of Estonia.

The members of the Association can be the legal entities operating as businesses that meet at least one of the following conditions:
1 net sales and revenues exceed two hundred (200) million EEK per year;
or 2 equity capital exceeds sixty (60) million EEK;
or 3 the entity employs at least one thousand (1000) persons;
and individuals who have special merits towards the Association or who have remarkably contributed to realisation of the Association's main objective - development of a favourable business and foreign economic environment in Estonia, and who carry on this mission either as individuals or managers of companies or business associations.

The businesses that are members of the Association nominate a person belonging to the highest level of management of the business, authorised to represent the business at the Association. All members have the right to be elected into the management bodies of the Association, get information on Association's activities and be involved in preparation and implementation of the Association's programs and projects. All members are obliged to follow the Articles of the Association, pay the membership fee and participate in the activities of the Association pursuant to the Articles.

Proceeding from the Articles, the Association has the right to open representations and offices in Estonia and abroad. Representations and offices are not independent legal entities, unless otherwise required by the law of their domicile. The aim of the representations and offices is to represent the interests of the Association in respective countries. The management bodies and authority of the representations and offices are determined by the Management Board in accordance with the laws of Estonia and the respective countries.


The Association unites 44 Estonian legal entities operating as businesses. The cross-section of membership of the Association reflects the diversity of Estonian economy, including the biggest banks and financial organisations, as well as biggest transit, service, construction, transport, industrial, oil, wholesale and retail companies and representatives of other business areas. The majority of the members of the Association belong to the list of Estonian market leaders (TOP 100). The Association is open for new members whose business activity meets the conditions of the Articles. A number of Estonian employers have joined the association after its foundation.


  • develop favourable environment for business and foreign economic activity, acknowledge and promote positions of EBA on vital issues of entrepreneurship, follow the legislation regulating the local business environment and its functioning; make proposals for revising the legislation;
  • contribute to the accession negotiations of Estonia with the European Union, provide the members of the Association with information about new business opportunities and problems proceeding from the accession;
  • co-operation with Baltic business communities;
  • develop economic and trade relations between Estonia and Russia, as well as between Estonia and CIS countries;
  • to develop co-operation with other Estonian business associations (the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Estonian Confederation of Employers and Industry, the Estonian Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, professional unions) in order to facilitate business activity and improve business environment;
  • to carry out organisational work to achieve the objectives provided by the Articles

The Estonian Business Association has identified its mission and role among other business associations operating in Estonia. It does not duplicate the functions of other local organisations, such as the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Estonian Confederation of Employers and Industry, the Estonian Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. EBA as a strong lobby-organisation supports the specific interests and activities of these organisations with the common aim to facilitate favourable business environment. In January 1999, the leaders of the four biggest business associations signed the joint declaration on development of the state and its economy, which was presented to the government and all political parties.

The EBA's main mission at the moment is to realise the current and new ideas and proposals to facilitate the business and foreign economic environment in the country, guarantee stable economic growth, increase potential of export and improve the image of Estonia. If necessary, EBA uses its influence to present and implement on state level well-grounded proposals supporting the development of entrepreneurship.


The Estonian Business Association co-operates with a number of foreign business associations, initiates and develops multilateral business contacts. EBA is an associated member of the Estonian Confederation of Employers and Industry (1998) and a supporting member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (1997). The representatives of EBA work in joint task forces at various ministries, take part in the Estonian export round table and other organisations, are represented in State Committee on socio-economic development and invited to round tables of professional unions. EBA has signed a number of co-operation agreements and letters of intent both with Estonian and foreign business associations.


The Association regularly organises information days for its members, arranges meetings with state authorities, top managers and politicians. The Management Board provides all members with information bulletins. Members of the Association take active part in seminars and workshops both at home and abroad.
EBA`s main activities are advancing high level business, political and financial contacts and lobbying. EBA does not provide public services.

Management Board of the
Estonian Business Association